Our Story

The Bravo Family the restaurant business began on the fall of 1993 in Crawfordsville Indiana, but this story begins in 1996 when Ignacio Bravo called his brother in Los Angeles Juan Bravo to join into the restaurant business. With Ignacio opening his second restaurant in in Lafayette Indiana he hoped Juan would leave Los Angeles and help him manage Lafayette after he himself got it up and running. With the restaurant business doing good, the family business continued to expand, adding more family to be called for more help. The next restaurant opened was in Greenwood, with this Oswaldo Bravo also left Los Angeles. Juan and Oswaldo worked together for a while before Oswaldo was left in charge with the Lafayette location leaving Juan with the Greenwood location. Through the years the brothers went through some prosperous years and also hardships. The biggest was the economy being very weak. A hardship that closed so many small businesses neighboring around Little Mexico, and around the country also. Working our hardest was the only option the family had so we put that task at hand. Now the Bravo family comes for a small ranch in the valleys of Jalisco called Altamira (which translates to HighLooking). Juan Sr. and Anna Bravo had 10 children, four sons and six daughters. This ranch is where hard work was imbedded into the all the Bravo's.

The first few years where extremely difficult. Slowly things started picking up. Years later the brothers decided to upgrade the décor and added a new Mexican Restaurant décor trend. You might see this décor in many Mexican restaurants making people think we're all connected. They also relocated two locations. Our restaurants has beautiful carvings that represent Mexican Culture, and a little exotic extra carvings added as well. We are one of the few Mexican Restaurants that didn’t just stop at the booths, chairs, and tables. We wanted our restaurant to be enhanced in this magnificent décor. We have every inch but the floor and ceiling covered in beautiful carvings in our dining area for our visitors to see. What makes this decor more special as well is that it comes from Guadalajara Jalisco. Jalisco being the home state of the Bravo family. The restaurants were made beautiful bringing in plenty of new clientele from just hearing about the décor but when they tasted our food they were sold! Making them new regulars. New decor, new buildings, new customers. Business boomed, it was great! As of late 2012 Little Mexico President Ignacio Bravo was leaning into selling his share in the family business. But it didn't happen until the following year. Ignacio met with his brothers Juan and Oswaldo and passed his shares of the business for them to divide with one another. Juan and his brother Oswaldo Bravo ,with almost two decades of managing a successful restaurant under their belt now, own and partner together under a new name, Lindo Mexico.

The Bravo family would like to thank you for taking the time to read our story, taste our food and bring your family and friends to our restaurant. We hope you keep Lindo Mexico as your favorite Mexican restaurant for years yet to come.